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A Century Old Tradition and Experience

In 1898, craftsman Samuel Bronstein started the U.S. Bedding Company in a small factory in St. Paul, Minnesota and steadily grew to to make the best mattress in the world. Known as the mattress king of America, King Koil manufactures luxury beds equipped with cutting edge technology. Focused on delivering the best sleeping experience possible at a reasonable price, each mattress is the product of century old tradition and know-how.


The One and Only Mattress Certified and Endorsed by Chiropractors

For proper spinal alignment a mattress must be supportive and conforming, allowing the spine to rest in a neutral position during sleep. Sleeping on an unsuitable mattress for long periods can lead to postural problems. Since 1969, King Koil designs provide a surface firm enough to maintain optimal support for the body and further enhanced with cushioned comfort. It has received many prestigious distinctions, incl. a certification from the International Chiropractors Association for sleep systems that combine comfort features and special designs with ICA’s requirements for clinically sound posture support. It is the only mattress endorsed by The Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research. Founded in 1944, FCER is one of the oldest and most respected chiropractic organisations of the world.

The perfect combination of natural materials and technology


Besides memory foam, King Koil mattresses are produced meticulously with advanced technology using high quality natural fillings including horse hair, silk, cotton and wool.

A unique sleeping experience


King Koil mattresses provide support and comfort. Designed and manufactured with the latest sleep technology, these high performance mattresses enhance your sleep experience. King Koil mattresses produce designs for Laura Ashley Collection as well as prestigious hotels. Dedicated to improve quality of life, King Koil promises a good and healthy sleeping experience.

Leading brand in 80 Countries

imageBox-3 As a leading global mattress brand, King Koil provides the finest quality mattresses in over 80 countries. Honoured by tens of thousands of customers around the world, King Koil introduces a vast range of products designed for various needs for a premium sleeping experience.